Drug Doctor




[Dr. Dre feat. Eminem "I Need a Doctor" Instrumental]


(hearts are resilient. this is true in medicine too.
sometimes this happens and someone's heart stops.
she can be dead for a few minutes and they can bring her back to life.
she has another chance to love. i have seen this more than once.)

so let's fuck (the special effects, the pretense around sex,
the fact i can't label you "ex"): i sleep but i get no rest
let's get freaky in the dark! feed the picnic to the sharks!
then leave me freezing in the park! this is just performance art!

i'm just an actor: PERFORMANCE RAPTOR! T-REX!
i want you to want me just for meaningless sex
i want your toxic wasted taste, yes?
someone to share showers and fluids and toothpaste and the rest

leave the cap off, clip it in my brain:
a bullet to the head well describes this pain
i don't want you to love me back, love kills
i just Kanye shrug off: Atlas back, Rand will
i want to think about you every single day!
i wanna need your help in every single way!
i wanna believe that you're a really good lay!
and i wanna fake that everything's A-okay!

it's just performance art, i'm not even rappin
none of this is true, none of it really happened
i’m just playin a part, i’m a terrible actor
none of this is true, none of it really happened

i wasn't raped on the streets of LA
i didn't call you from the hospital to hear you say
"lauren who?" cuz my phone wasn't in evidence
no memorizing your number: irrelevant!
i spent two years on you for the hell of it
we all know your name but i'm not tellin it
you hear me say "help"? i was yellin it!
fine, then i'll write this shit in a book... and i'm sellin it

cuz you know i'm mad rich, scratchin a bad itch
spent all my time on a fad, bitch
spent all my time on a fad, bitch
can i get some attention? i want some fuckin attention!
pop the Ambien and let's put a dent in!
are you fucking repentin? now i'm like wine, fermentin

give a girl a drink, she lose the will to think
and she'll need some rhymes to go with it
give a doctor your heart, she'll take it apart,
and she'll leave some shrapnel bits in it

shrapnel bitches, rap and bitches, wrapped in bitches
bitches and rap and bitches enrapt in bitches: shrapnel, bitches!
this is the facts: no snitches fictitious! what is this?!
mappin fat witches to Nixon!
nothin left mixin here for you worth fixin
in fact i'm pretty sure it's fiction -- addiction -- and not even you, bitch, that i'm missin

it's just performance art, i'm not even rappin
none of this is true, none of it really happened
i’m just playin a part, i’m a terrible actor
none of this is true, none of it really happened

this drugged doctor fucked up cuz i knocked her
pills off the dresser when i rocked her
killer numb feeling when i shocked her
finger on a trigger like i'm cocked, yessir
not over you cuz i'm still not sure
sittin around waitin like i'm docked hurr
stuck like a middle school locker
cold shoulders just get me hot (burrrrn)

so next time i decide to die and then come back to life
i’ll walk streets unshy, dry eyes, and i’ll be carryin a knife
i’ma cut off his balls and while you’re bystandin (what gall)
i’ll plant ‘em between your legs where shit grows ripe

even then i hope you can still sprint to your car
and then i hope you’re admitted quickly to the ER
cuz when i said i’d always care it meant i’d never mar
this shit we had with thoughts of “she’s hard up in the hospital, should i see her?”


from Inhospitable Bed, released September 4, 2012
concept/lyrics by LICKI UCROJ
mixing by Jack of Co.Z




LICKI UCROJ Los Angeles, California

LICKI UCROJ is a performance raptor: rapper, writer, solo performer, and apprentice to master ripper Jack of Co.Z.

THE CARPET MIXTAPES are a precursor to her memoir (CARPET: or, how DD's, MD's, and universiD's left me sleeping on the floor), which will be shockingly honest, heartbreakingly hilarious, and generally like nothing you've ever before read.
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